Queensland—A Learning Destination

Queensland, Australia is a learning and teaching destination home to ten renowned universities at the forefront of active learning. Our universities are characterised by innovative teaching, work- integrated learning experiences for students, and world-class teaching environments. This focus on student learning through deep and active engagement is underpinned by strong research and scholarship of learning and teaching.

Queensland dominates the Australian Awards for University Teaching—Universities in our region have won more national Teaching Excellence Awards and more Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning than any other state in Australia*. Award winning educators play key roles within our institutions in leading teaching innovation and building an academic community that is focused on the student experience and our innovative teaching.

Australian Universities have a strong focus on teaching quality, underpinned by a policy framework that positions the student life cycle as central to the regulatory standards.

“Active learning needs to include more variety, challenge and change than that in the more traditional learning environment of the traditional lecture hall…the learning environment of today is,
and needs to be,
a very different one to ensure that we are adopting a less teacher-centred approach”
Professor Lynne P Baldwin, Editor, Active Learning in Higher Education, 18 April 2017.

We invite you to learn more about the ways in which the ten Queensland Universities use active learning strategies to enhance the student experience.  Please download our brochure which provides information about our ten renowned universities here.


* Australian Awards for University Teaching, 1997-2017