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What do academic employers really want from the PhD?

This 2016 article by Rachael Pitt and Inger Mewburn explores the key issue of employability and asks (through an analysis of academic job adverts): What do academic employers really want from the PhD now? Read the full article at:

Improving the teaching self-efficacy of doctoral candidates

Doctoral training is strongly focused on honing research skills at the expense of developing teaching competency. As a result, emerging academics are unprepared for the pedagogical requirements of their early-career academic roles. Employing an action research approach, this study investigates the effectiveness of a competency-based

Time to rethink doctoral development

Recent debate on the Australian PhD has focused on the extent to which it prepares graduates for careers beyond the academy. Implicit in much of this discussion is an assumption that the PhD successfully prepares graduates for careers inside the academy. However, this assumption has