The Doctoral Teaching website was created by the conveners of the special interest group on Developing Doctoral Students’ Teaching Capabilities which was launched at the 2014  Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) Conference

The site is for anyone who recognises the benefits of doctoral students having opportunities to develop their teaching skills and experiences during their studies. These include personal benefits as students build their capabilities for future early career academic positions, and institutional benefits, as learning at all levels is more effectively supported.

The Doctoral Teaching site is for anyone interested in pathways to help doctoral students develop their capacity to teach effectively and better support student learning, and our members include doctoral candidates, research student supervisors, academic developers, and academics. Any member is welcome to share teaching resources (for educators or for students to use), contribute to discussions, and promote their scholarship of learning and teaching.

Professor Abby Cathcart, Queenland University of Technology

Associate Professor Dominique Greer, QUT

Co-Chairs of the Doctoral Teaching Special Interest Group, QPR